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Trinity Zero Coffee Press

Trinity Zero is a patented coffee press, creating a stronger coffee, in a shorter time. The easiest press to 'pick up and play', and the most compact and portable, so you can take it anywhere - from home to the highest peaks. 

We wanted to do more than create 'just another coffee press'. After years of design iterations, we deconstructed the coffee-making process entirely, creating a unique brewing experience that is simple for everyone.  

How to brew.

Fill the coffee basket with up to 18g of freshly ground coffee. Our reusable stainless steel filter creates a clean cup without consuming messy paper filters or pods.

Fill the water chamber to the line marking shown (100mL). Give the water some time to soak through the grounds.

Next place on the lid, and then use your thumb to pressurise the chamber. Press, hold, then repeat, until all the water has been pressed through.

Add hot water or milk to your pressed coffee shot, creating the perfect cup in just 60 seconds.

How it works.

Your thumb pressurises the water chamber, resulting in a shot of concentrated coffee that is ready in 60 seconds from roughly 10-15 pumps. The shot is stronger than your usual coffee press or other brewed coffee method (i.e french press or pour over), however, it is not espresso - nor does it try to be.  

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